My knitterly holiday planning

Kind of freaking out a bit that it's December already. I have no idea where this year has gone. I feel like I haven't got quite as much done this year as I wanted, but when I think back, I've done a lot of stuff. And a lot of knitting. There's only a couple more weeks left of work before a bit of a break and I'm starting to plan my holiday crafting. 

Beaubourg Sweater -

I've just ordered a sweater kit for myself - a little Christmas gift and my summer knitting plan.
It's the Beaubourg Sweater kit from Craftsy. I've never knit anything with dolman-style sleeves before, so that will be a bit of a learning curve. The design, by Julie Hoover, is pretty much everything I've been looking for in a big sweater. Clean and simple with a touch of class, and it looks pretty snuggly. The kit includes Manos Del Uruguay Maxima yarn another new yarn experience. 

I am also planning on making myself some full length mittens! (As you can see, I'm totally ignoring the fact that it's officially day two of summer and knitting winter stuff anyway).

Long Lovely Mittens from Purl Bee
I fell in love with these mittens as soon as I spotted them on Purl Bee last week. They just looks so glam. I need them in my life. So as soon as I've finished my rainbow socks (giving myself deadlines - must not cast on anything new until they are done...) I'm casting these on in my Happy Go Knitty aplaca / silk yarn I got at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair. I may or may not have already asked Helene to put another skein from the same dyelot away for me just in case I need a bit extra to finish them!

Around all that, I'm plotting my Christmas baking for the holiday - at least this year, with the way the dates fall, I have about four days off before Christmas Day - plenty of time to make cookies!


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