I've just realised these mittens aren't for me!

Around the rental property visits, the holiday and watching season one and two of Sherlock in time for the season three premiere on New Year's Day, there's been a fair bit of knitting going on.

I've nearly finished Mitten #1 of my Long Lovely Mittens.
The silk and alpaca blend is so scrummy. It's one of the softest yarns I've knit with in a while and is great for a little bit of luxury. 

While I was progressing these today I remembered I'd promised to make some turquoise arm-warmers for a friend who lives in London. Another mutual friend of both of us is coming back to Auckland in February, and he said he would deliver them to London for me when he flies back. 

I had intended these mittens for myself (since it's the middle of summer and I totally need them right now) but they aren't destined for me. I must've somehow known to knit this pattern in turquoise yarn in good time for February. 

I'm thinking I'll still make a pair for myself. Maybe in dusky pink. I'm not a pink person, but it's a new year, and time to try new things!


  1. Well that was well unplanned! Dusky pink is so pretty, I never used to be a pink person, but it seems I suddenly am!


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