Cheese-making kit for Christmas? Yes please!

Christmas 2013 was great. Not only did I reign supreme at the petanque singles' tournament in the back garden, I spent a relaxing day with friends and family, eating food and exchanging gifts. 
My mum and dad got us a very cool Mad Millie Italian Cheese Kit, so what better way to spend Boxing Day than making our very own mozzarella?

Draining the curds from the whey for mozzarella.

I've dabbled in cheese-making once before. I made my own ricotta a couple of years ago from a recipe in a magazine, but other than that, I'm a total beginner. And that's where Mad Millie has really got the cheese-making kit thing down. It comes with everything you need to make delicious fresh at home, including citric acid, vegetarian rennet and sterilising solutions and extremely clear instructions. Just BYO milk! 

Shaping the mozzarella into balls and chilling them in ice water.

Both husband and I got in on making mozzarella. Once we'd heated, cooled, reheated and drained the curds and whey, it was time to get our stretch on and make the mozzarella into balls.

It's like the funnest science experiment ever. And it tastes so good! 
Since we'd made our own cheese, we figured we'd go a step further and make some pizza dough too.

I thoroughly recommend checking out Mad Millie's range of cheese kits. I'm already starting to save my pocket money to get a Specialty Cheese Kit to make some blue vein! They also sell kits to make sausages, cider and preserves too - pretty much all the essentials of any diet.


  1. Ohhh that looks amazing!!! I feel like I need to make cheese now.


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