Skyping Beanie - having issues!

The Year of the Hat has been going well so far. Four Rikkes, four Honey hats and possibly a baby hat in there too, I consider that a good amount of hat projects for the last 12 months. Actually, that's not a bad amount of projects anyway - a few years ago I'd never have been able to knit that many in a year, let along just one type of garment.

I digress though - the Year of the Hat was going so well until this project. Enter the Skyping Beanie. A colleague of mine was feeling a tad left out that he didn't get a knitted hat in the last round. It wasn't like I was never planning on making him one, he's just pretty fussy and I didn't really want to waste a stack of hours knitting a hat he might not like. I took my time and found a pattern I thought would fit the bill. A bit slouchy but not too hipster, cool shaping at the top that looks really on-trend right now and easy enough for me to knit without paying too much attention.

Or so I thought. The body of the hat was fine. An easy mix of 1x1 ribbing and knit rows. A very good opportunity to practice my continental knitting. I completed that all in about a week in some Countrywide Windsor DK I found at Geoff's Emporium (now in walking distance from my house - most likely a bad thing).

Then came the crown shaping. I haven't managed to get past the first row. I'm sure it's not the pattern's fault. It was only published in October, so there aren't many projects on the go but the Ravelry reviews so far are great. The difficulty rating is pretty damn easy, and it's got a solid 4.3 out of 5 stars overall. 

It must be me. There's something I'm finding very weird about doing the decreases in pattern. I've had to unpick it three times already. The decreases are centred around what I can only describe as four "seams". The decreases are done either side of the seam to make it look like it's decreasing at four points instead of eight which I'm used to. I just can't get my head around it. 

I started avoiding the hat by returning to my rainbow socks that have been a bit neglected recently. But then I started on a heel flap and realised I wasn't knitting it across enough stitches. More unknitting. 

Maybe this week will be better. Otherwise my colleague might be waiting a bit longer than Christmas to get his hat. 


  1. Having the same issue on the crown. I found one mistake but its still not comming out right. I see the "pattern" of what she is doing and finished it looks great. I, too, have a few rows of unraveling and continue what I think she was trying to get across.


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