On the move!

It's been six months and we've decided that it's just not right for us to be living out in the suburbs anymore. We moved in expecting to be settled for a while - at least until we bought our own place - but circumstances change and commuting is lame and I want to walk to work. 
So we're moving to a city fringe suburb. I've already lost count of all the benefits and the amount we'll save each week on transport. And what we'll save in time. We've found ourselves a 1940s apartment with wood floors and a new kitchen. I'm giving up the craft room but it's definitely a compromise I'm happy making!

The yarn stash is packed up with the action figures and books. The Crown Lynn is all wrapped up. 
Might be a bit quiet around here for a week or so until we get settled in the new place, but between the organising I'm sneaking in rows of my Hitchhiker - hoping to finish it this week! 


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