Three vintage hats

Labour Weekend has been a mix of high tea, Armageddon Expo, husband's birthday, Wicked the Musical, flat hunting and a bit of knitting. 

I've finished the three hats for my work pals! I'm really happy with how they came out and I'm struggling to pick a favourite. I think I'll be struggling to give them to my colleagues too!

The Vintage DK yarn worked perfectly and I really hope they like them.
Now it's back to my Hitchhiker shawl - a nice bit of no-thinking knitting!


  1. These are so lovely!! Gorgeous colours. And wow, that sounds like a crazy busy, but lovely, weekend!

    1. Thanks! I gave them to my pals today - they loved them!

  2. They are lovely, I bet they'll be appreciated by their new owners too.


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