Procrastination - in the form of knitting, obviously

I've been pretty much inseparable from my craft table this week. There's been a lot of freelancing happening around the busiest week of the year at day job and I only just realised I haven't blogged for a week. So here's a very quick update! 

While I've supposed to be writing articles, I've been processing thoughts by mainly knitting. 
Productive for my Hitchhiker - maybe not so much for the task at hand.

Love the way the colours are pooling together though - it's been such a good knit to do when I've been so busy. Not much concentration required, and sometimes that's a good thing.

Also, I've decided I needed one of my favourite knitting quotes to feature on the craft table. 
Firstly, I figured I needed it for inspiration.
But really I just wanted to procrastinate some more from my writing and play with a chalk board. Makes total sense. 
Thanks Elizabeth Zimmerman, I'll knit on indeed.


  1. I love Procraftination, its so productive while still being procrastination!

    1. Procraftination! That's awesome! I'm adding that to my vocab!


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