Reading list - 29/09/2013

I've had a pretty amazing weekend. It involved staying at a friend's place up north - her partner's just finished building a house and a bunch of us went away to get out of the city for the night. 
It was great to catch up with friends and do a bit of casual sock knitting at the table, and around all this I caught up with a bit of reading.

Frankie's latest issue was my treat for doing Live Below the Line. I couldn't go out and buy snacks, so instead I grabbed a copy to try and distract myself from being hungry. A big shout-out to my team of girlies - we raised over $1200 for Oxfam NZ!

And holy moly. I made an amazing discovery when browsing Twitter yesterday morning.
I've just found Knitsy magazine. It's a free magazine app with free patterns, news and features. I've downloaded the first two issues and I'm loving them, but apparently issue three is available - I just can't find it anywhere on the Google Play store. I'll keep an eye out though, I can't wait to see more.

And Pompom Quarterly arrived over a month ago for me, but she's the one magazine I just keep going back to. I just love the styling and the patterns are simply stunning. If there is one knitting magazine that I feel most strongly represents me as a crafter and my lifestyle in general, this one is it.

It's been great to have a chilled out weekend, nothing like a bit of reading and friends to relax.


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