On the needles: socks and hats

I've already raved about how much I love my yarn winder. It's not just that it makes a nice little cake of yarn that doesn't roll around and tangle up - look what it does to self-striping rainbow yarn. Holy moly!

It looks so pretty I almost don't want to knit with it. Which is kind of ridiculous. 
I've made a start on my self-striping socks. Thanks Happy-Go-Knitty for the yarn!

I've also made a start on a new hat. Seeing a theme this year? I've knitted five Rikke hats already this year, lots of socks too. There's been a few other bits and pieces, but I've definitely had either a hat or socks on the needles for most of this year. And I'm cool with it.

This pretty thing is the Honey Hat by Lisa Gutierrez.
I'm using my Beau yarn in Slumdog Astrophysicist by Red Riding Hood Yarns, and I'm really happy with how it's knitting up. I had two false starts, mainly down to me not reading the pattern properly and thinking I know better than the designer, but I've learned my lesson and all is going good.

Do you have any types of things you knit over and over again?


  1. Two gorgeous projects! I knit a lot of socks!

    1. I dropped a few stitched on the rainbow sock and had to frog it! I'll work on the hat for a bit!


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