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Since moving to the new house a few months ago, I've been planning on taking over the spare room and turning it into a place to contain my knitting. 
Yesterday we completed the knitting containment zone - the craft table arrived!

She's a lovely oak four seat dining suite from one of my favourite vintage shops, Deco 2 Retro
She has a little bit of damage. On three sides, there are little rectangles cut out of the wooden supports under the table top. The lady at the shop suspects that previous owners might have used wheel chairs, and this was the solution to making them fit under the table. 

The best bit though is that it extends to seat six, which will be very handy if we're hosting a bigger dinner party than usual!

I do love having a little space of my own to plan projects and write articles - I find it's much easier to focus instead of propping the laptop on the couch and leaving several half-knitted items strewn around the living space. I definitely think husband and brother will be appreciating me not leaving all my stuff everywhere.

And my yarn winder has arrived! This, combined with the wooden swift I got a couple of weeks ago (kindly fixed by Father-in-Law) might be the funnest thing ever. This has revolutionised my yarn winding! Instead of wrapping hanks around the backs of chairs and taking forever to hand-wind them into a usable ball of yarn, I just turn the little handle and magic happens! 

I may or may not have wound three hanks on Friday night just to test it out...


  1. This looks like a gorgeous craft corner, love the sun and the light coming in!

    1. Definitely one of the reasons I picked this corner - nice and light!


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