Living Below the Line for Oxfam

Those who know me know that I love food. I'm a little person, but I eat a lot. I'm always at my grumpiest when I'm hungry, which will make next week very interesting.

Me and four lovely girls at work are Living Below the Line for Oxfam. We can only ear $2.25 worth of food every day - a budget of $11.25 for five days. 

For me, that means no coffee, no sweet treats, no buying lunch, no dining out and there will be occasions of watching my husband eating yummy food in front of me on purpose....

But it's for an amazing cause. $2.25 per day is the bench mark for someone who lives in extreme poverty - that's 1.2 billion people around the world. We're hoping to raise $1000 over the next week to raise awareness and to donate to Oxfam, who work in many countries with extreme poverty.

I went shopping this morning - so far I've spent $9.10 on the above.
I'm figuring out what else I need or if I should splash out on seasoning.

I'd love your support for this great charity - if you're keen to donate a couple of dollars to the cause, check out my team's page! It will be very much appreciated!


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