Crime lit, yarn and vintage patterns

I was pretty excited to discover that Penguin Books have started publishing green Crime Popular Penguins. I'm a big fan of the orange Popular Penguins, so it's great to add to the collection with a slight variation on the theme. And when you buy two, you get a free matching tote bag! That'll fit a few knitting projects in it.

I've spent a good chunk of the weekend sorting through my vintage patterns for a magazine article (all will be revealed soon!). For me, the highlight is always flicking through the old magazine pages. The ads, surprisingly, are kind of similar to the ones we get in magazines today. There's ads for miracle creams and supportive underwear and convenience meals. The only thing that wouldn't be so in-place today is the ad for cigarettes. Making smoking super glam!

A couple of parcels arrived in the mail this week. After my KAN weekend, I somehow convinced myself that I needed a swift or something similar for winding yarn. I found this awesome antique one on Trademe. The little brass hooks slide the length of the arms for different hank sizes, and the base spins really well.
It definitely needs some TLC though - a good clean around the base and the arms need a polish. Sadly one of the hooks snapped off, but Father-in-Law says he can fix it. 
Luckily I still need to get a wool winder before I can really use this bad boy - I'm keeping my eye out for one.

And lastly - more Skeinz Vintage! I'm in love with this yarn - currently using some of it in my Array cowl - and I've got a plan to do make my own pattern with this. After the other projects are finished though - I need to do a fair bit of planning first!


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