Auckland Vintage Textile Fair

Last Friday I was lucky to find out that Auckland has a Vintage Textile Fair - and I hadn't missed it!
Apparently it happens once a year - this year's was at Alexandra Park - and I spent Sunday wandering around the wide array of stalls looking at fabric, craft supplies, clothing and bags.

If I'd known about it last year, I would've been able to buy all the picnic blankets and decorations for the wedding in the one place. Not to mention wedding dresses - some vintage stunners.

The pictures are better descriptors of my adventure - I'll stop rambling. 

I can't wait for next year - I'll have time to save up and go nuts.


  1. aint it grand!?!?! omg I should have gone and bought that handwind machine I have been on the lookout for yonks.

    1. I was pretty much overwhelmed by the goodness of it all! Make sure you go next time, who knows what you'll find!


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