A newbie's report from KAN #3 Classes

Before KAN, I'd never been to a knitting class before. I guess I always felt a bit intimidated. After I'd learned the basics from my Mum and YouTube videos, I didn't feel the need to go to any beginner knitting classes. I definitely didn't feel confident enough to enroll in a slightly more advanced technique class. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough skills to keep up. 

I decided to get over my fears at KAN so I signed up for two classes.
The first, on the Friday, was the Return of the Ten Stitch Blanket by Susan Hagedorn.
Basically by using ten stitches, short rows and working in a spiral, you can knit an entire blanket.
The class was so popular last year that the organisers decided to run it again, and I'm so glad they did.
Not only did I master short rows, now I have the start of a squishy cream blanket that I can work on between other projects.'

Blankets were definitely the theme of my learning. 
I also enrolled in James Herbison's Introduction to Modular Knitting class.

The class consisted of making small squares (modules) and joining them together to eventually make a blanket. It is a great project to stash-bust leftover bits of sock yarn.

Here's James - he gets points for wearing a kilt.

And here is a beautiful example of a more completed modular knit blanket.

The effect is amazing, and a great way to remember they yarns you've used on different projects and keep a little record of it.

I have definitely learned some great new skills in the classes at KAN, and I'm looking forward to being braver an signing up for more technique classes when I can find some in Auckland!


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