A few FOs... and it's about time...

It feels like it's been ages since I've had some FOs to show. 
And that's because I was knitting too many things at once.

Array is finished! But I cheated - I didn't knit the whole thing because the slowness of the slipped stitches was actually destroying me. Yes, she would've looked much better if she was 12 inches wide instead of eight, but I'm beyond caring!

Next up, Rikke Hat  number five. I really want to keep this one but it's for my sister-in-law. Hope she won't mind that I've been wearing it around the house all weekend...

And finnnnallllyyy.... my Soft Like Kittens Socks! 
I finished these a little while ago but I took my sweet time weaving in the ends.

Now I have nothing on the needles. Kind of freaking me out. Now I have the almost impossible task of trying out what to knit next.


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