Sewing success

I would like to take a lot of credit for this skirt, but really all I did was some pinning, threading the sewing machine and be a dressmaker's dummy. The actual making was all done by Mum, who is pretty much a genius. 

The family kitty decided she could help out with the sewing machine.

And here it is, all finished. I took it for a test drive to work on Friday, I consider it a success.

The fabric is just what is needed to beat the winter blues.

The next one we make though I'll try and do a bit more of the actual sewing. Maybe.


  1. What a pretty pretty kitty AND skirt :) perfect for winter days. thanks for being a ray of sunshine I bet others at work felt a lot better for it

    1. Thank you so much! your lovely comment was a ray of sunshine for me!


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