Knits for guys are just so cool

I've always wanted to steal a couple of my husband's sweaters or shirts and just wear them. Sometimes I find boys' clothes are just so much cooler than girls, in a casual-yet-chic kind of way. I've been known to buy mens' shorts, in the smallest size possible, and wear them to death (as much as I love my denim short shorts, a girl can use some variety). 

But I've never been in a position to steal husband's clothes. Unfortunately for me, I am a tiny person, and his shirts and jumpers are a bit big for me to steal and wear without looking like I'm wearing a tent (though he is probably thankful for this). 

Boyfriend Sweaters is published by Random House
 under the Potter Craft imprint.

I was pretty excited to discover this recent book while on a lunch time library trip a couple of weeks ago. There's potential I'm going to rack up some overdue fees. Boyfriend Sweaters by Bruce Weinstein and photographed by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed fame is probably the coolest pattern book I've stumbled across in a while.

All of the sweaters are in men's and women's sizes! It's actually genius. 
I am in love with the Boat Neck Faux Rib Pullover (as modeled by the woman on the cover) and I think it will be the next sweater on the needles. 

There are quite a few in there that husband likes also, but I've heard the story about the sweater curse (even covered by a chapter in the book!) and I just don't think I'm ready for a break-up yet. I'll just knit them all for me instead!


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