The finished Fair Isle Band Sweater

It's official - the Fair Isle Band Sweater is finished and the set-in sleeves don't look too horrific.

I was pretty nervous when sewing it all together - thanks so much everyone who gave me advice on the best way to do it. That plus several YouTube videos definitely helped.

I did find that the sleeves were a little bit bigger than the sleeve caps; I'm not sure whether this was my tension or just a weird outcome of the pattern.They are a little bit bunched in, but it's not so noticeable when I'm wearing it.

For me the best thing to do was really take my time. There were a few moments where I wasn't quite happy with my sewing, but I didn't hesitate to undo a few stitches and start over. I'm definitely keen to knit more patterns with set-in sleeves and look at improving my technique. 


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