Set-in sleeves. I'm scared

I've been pretty good at avoiding what I consider to be standard but pretty intimidating skills in the knitter's repertoire. It took me a while to get up the courage to do stranded knitting. 
Even longer to master a scarf and get good at grafting the toes. Lace - I still can't go there. But even after several jumpers, I've still never made one that needed set-in sleeves. I've become really good at avoiding them and going for the trusty raglan shaping instead. It's about time I tried something new though, and I'm at the point with my Fair Isle Band Sweater that it can't be avoided any longer.

There was plenty stopping me though. This guy was my first obstacle.

After removing sleepy Dougal I started work on the shoulder seams. I've never done these before, but I think the resulting first attempt is okay.

Then came the ribbed neckline.

This morning I finished and cast-off the neck.

and now I'm trying to bring myself to start the sleeves.

I think I need another cup of tea. And the sleeves also. Those might be handy.
Any tips on sewing in a set-in sleeve? Should I join the body's side seams first?
What about the arm sleeves? So many questions!


  1. I always seam the sides and sew the sleeve in a tube before I set it in. I ease it in a bit like I would with woven fabric, using removable stitch markers or basted stitches to fix the important parts in place like the center top and bottom before I start seaming.


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