On my reading list - Knitting yarns: Writers on knitting

I don't have any knitting to show this week (Stuff is happening. The sweater is almost there. One bamboo sock just needs a grafted toe. We'll get there) but I do want to flag what looks to be an awesome anthology that will be published in November (note to Husband, birthday month). 

Knitting yarns: Writers on knitting is an anthology all about writers who knit. It pretty much combines two of my favourite things.
I love a good book. I also love the cheesy knitting novels based around yarn stores with crime solving and good looking romantic interests. But most of all, I love biographies, and stories based on personal experiences. 
The essays are written by 27 different authors and pulled together by editor Ann Hood, showing the transformative powers of knitting and why the craft is loved by many writers. 
Five knitting patterns are included too - what's not to love.

It is being published by W.W. Norton & Company Inc, and I'm adding this one to my book list for my summer reading. 


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