Get involved! The Wilson Woolly Park

My good friend Knitty Graffity is looking for volunteers to help decorate a lovely park with knitted things. It's not just about decorating a local public park though - this park is part of The Wilson Home, a centre for disabled children.

She is wanting to give the children and their families, as well as the public who can also use the park, a wonderful knitted surprise and she'd love your help!

This is what she needs some help making:

A knitted sign to sit on the fence facing the road.

Covers for poles around a veranda and an entrance and some for skinny trees.

Little surprises to be dotted around the park, including pompoms, flowers and little animals and creatures.

If you're keen to get involved please email or visit the Facebook page.
Knitty can then give you the measurements for pieces and details 
for the installation.
Thanks for your help with this very special project!


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