Crafty reading list 29/07/2013

A nice treat as a reward for finishing my sweater - Extra Curricular issue 12 arrived over the weekend. 
I got to interview the lovely Erica Harrison from Supercrafti - isn't her print on the cover just awesome?

I also treated myself to a new craft book - something I haven't done in a little while. I'm trying to be better at using the library but sometimes I just can't help myself... 

I'm loving Thrifty Style by Janine Chisholm. It's a great addition to my ever growing collection of "vintage repurposing" books. The most useful thing about it is the great appendix of techniques and equipment. I'm not a great sewer; I'm trying but it's usually easier to just watch Mum do it all. 

This book though has really clear instructions on how to insert zips and apply bindings and make darts - basics that you wouldn't know how to do unless you've done a couple of classes or someone to teach you. It's given me some fresh inspiration. Maybe I'll take up the solo sewing challenge again soon!


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