There's no better way to kill time on a lazy Monday than a visit to Junk and Disorderly.
Here's me being entirely overwhelmed, as usual whenever I visit this amazing shop.

I have been craving one of these yellow chests of drawers forever.

Today I was pretty restrained on my visit. I'm proud of myself.

I only bought one lamp, two beakers and two enamel bowls for the bathroom.

And I did enlighten my brother to the joys of trawling op shops.

He took all these photos.

Husband, as usual, got the bargain of the day with another wooden shelf for $25.

More space for the action figures.

The mannequins were a bit creepy. Lots of limbs missing.

And this would be a great storage option for my picnic blankets and the nerf guns.

The living room isn't quite big enough for a grand piano though. Maybe at the next house.


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