I need to jazz up this lampshade

In my adventures at Junk and Disorderly a few weeks ago, I found this little table lamp. 

She's not really pretty, but she is solid, stately, and the wooden stand goes well with the rest of the house furnishings. She was $15 and in working order. They tested the bulb - no explosions.

Husband saw it and thought we could do better. 
Maybe something with a lampshade that isn't the most boring lampshade in existence.
But me, always the optimist, I saw opportunity.
This was my chance to knit some home furnishings that wouldn't get completely covered in cat hair.
Dougal isn't too impressed by this prospect, as you can see above.

My challenge now is finding a pattern that works.

I love the look of this one from Pickles.no but I can't crochet.

This one could also work - found on Craftsy.

I also have a bit of a thing for cables - this pattern I found on Etsy could work.

I just unravelled my honeycomb hat because I changed my mind about it, but this lampshade pattern calls for super chunky yarn. I may have found the right project for it after all.


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