Cool designers + World Wide Knit in Public Week

Today is the beginning of this year's World Wide Knit in Public Week. Yes, the above illustration does say day, but knitting deserves a week of public celebrations!
I do knit in public quite often - on the bus, in cafes, sometimes when I'm walking down the street if I think I can avoid injury - but it will be great to keep an eye out for other knitters this week.

I'm going to dinner with some work colleagues tonight, and I've already warned them that I might pull out the sock I'm working on. The reactions will be interesting, I'm sure.

And around the internet, I've spotted some AMAZING knitwear designers.

This awesome lobster jumper is by Kate Morris of Bedroom Factory Knits. The detail is insane. 
I need one.


And oh my goodness look at the colour! Yellow! Loads of blue! I see spring time and fun parties and someone who wants to make a statement.
These designs are by Thea Sanders, who's just won the Stuart Peters Visionary Knitwear Award at London Fashion Week's Graduate Fashion Show.
I'm sure she will have an amazing career ahead of her. I'll buy all of it. 


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