Winter cheer

I've been kind of off the grid for about two weeks. We've moved house, both worked some crazy hours with our real world jobs, and generally not had much time for our extra curricular activities - the knitting has not progressed much over the last little while. But all is good, now the move is all done and we're all unpacked, I'm looking forward to having a bit more time for the most important things!

Over the last two days the temperature around Auckland has seriously plummeted - this morning it was a crisp 5degC during my walk to the bus stop. I'm loving it though - the winter coats and boots are out, and I'm dreaming up ideas for the perfect winter scarf. For me, this colour will really warm away the season's chill. 

This is a baby alpaca, silk and merino DK yarn in Citrine by the Sunrise Fiber Co.
Oh my goodness, I need some. 
I'm thinking cables. Or something reversible. 
Oh I can't decide - I just need some of this sunshine!


  1. Sounds like reversible cables then?

    1. You're a genius! Now I just have to find the right pattern!


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