Knitting with bamboo - a first time for everything

It's raining. The boys are all away for a bachelor party weekend and it's just me and Dougal (cat, the best male in the house) chilling at home for the day. 

I'm taking a little break from my sweater and I've started knitting a plain pair of socks. The sweater was getting too difficult to carry around on the bus, so I needed to start something smaller and portable to keep me sane while commuting. 
I cast on the lovely Unicorn Sock Yarn I got from Soft Like Kittens. It's an 80 per cent BFL / 20 per cent bamboo blend, and oh my goodness it is incredibly soft. I haven't knitted with anything like it before. I've never knitted with bamboo before, so that must be a part of it. It has a great lustre and these socks look like the sea!

Things I'm learning about the awesomeness of bamboo yarn:

It's antibacterial. Holy moly, That's cool!
It's biodegradable.
It's a renewable resource.
It has lustre! Shimmery yarn! Yay!
It can be softer than silk when spun into yarn.
It's very light - spring clothing!
It can lose a bit of strength when wet. Careful hand washing recommended.
The yarn can split a bit if it's not blended with anything else, so a bit of care when knitting is needed.

And some Happy-go-Knitty BFL sock yarn arrived in the post too! Thank you!
Hope you all have a great weekend!


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