The Pictorial Guide to Modern Home Needlecraft

I had a long weekend. I spent a chunk of it in Let's Go Retro, a cute vintage shop near my parents' place. I always head to the crafty section and sift through the trays of buttons and stacks of old patterns.
I wasn't really planning on buying anything, but I found this amazing book - The Pictorial Guide to Modern Home Needlecraft by Catherine Franks. 

It's a beautiful book, starting with the inside cover.

The book was published in 1938, has instructions on everything from making your own patterns to mending gloves. It was published at a time where women made a lot of the furnishings and clothing around the home. As World War Two began, households would rely more on these skills as fabric and clothing were rationed.

While some of the styles are a bit dated, the introduction really says it all and definitely applies to me and lots of people I've met through learning to knit.

"It's quite evident that there is a revival of interest in the more homely and every-day needlecrafts - needlework, dressmaking, knitting and the making-up of household linen."

It has a great section on knitting. Here's a few tips on making socks.

It also has a section on darning - something I'm going to need to learn if I'm going to look after all my hand knitted socks. 

Around my reading I also found time to finish the first piece of my fair isle band sweater.
Two sleeves and the back to go!


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