Today is a rest day. It should be a work day but I woke up this morning and felt so run down that I knew if I didn't have a breather, I'd be getting a cold very soon.

So I stayed home. In some ways it's been restful. In others, it certainly hasn't.
Our house is currently up for sale. Our evenings and weekends have been spent getting it ready for viewings and open homes, which have occurred almost every day. So for three weeks, we haven't really had much of a day off.
I thought I could recharge the batteries today, but between 10am and 11am, we had visits from a building inspector, insurance assessor, a prospective buyer and the landlord.

Since the house is up for sale, our flat is partially disbanding. 
One of our flatmates moved his stuff out today, so his helpers came along to move everything, and now we have an empty room which used to house someone. 

It's all a bit sad and a bit stressful, and we'll be very happy once an offer is finalised so we can have our weekends back and take some time out from keeping the house looking like a show home.

This afternoon's been quieter. I've done a bit more work on my sweater, started reading one of my all-time faves again before the movie comes out, and hanging out with Dougal, who is known to have magical healing properties.


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