Old and new

We're gearing up to move house. The move isn't for a little while yet, but we've had to get the house into "open home" order - cleaning and packing all weekend. While having a whole weekend monopolised by water blasting and dusting is a bit on the lame side, I did make an interesting discovery. I found the first scarf I ever made. 

It's made with cheap acrylic yarn, finished some time around 2008 - I gave it to my husband before we started flatting together. I found it under the bed, covered in dust. He's not really a scarf guy anyway, but I'm going to keep it because it really shows where I've come from as a knitter. I was so proud of myself when I finished this. It took me weeks and I made so many mistakes. Now the idea of endless stocking stitch doesn't intimidate me, it's just a nice brainless knitting task which is just what I need sometimes.

I'm about to start on a bit of stocking stitch too. I'm casting on Anna Wilkinson's Fairisle Band Sweater in Prism merino by Skeinz. I've just had to order some 3.75mm Knit Pro tips for part of it - looking forward to those arriving soon.
I hope it'll all be finished by the time we move!


  1. Thanks Jo for a great post. My mom used to knit my top and it's really very nice. I really love DIY stuffs because at the end of the day when you look at it, it is so fulfilling and i am so proud wearing it because my mom made it specially for me. I'm sure your husband is so happy to receive that scarf you made.- www.waterblast.pro


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