My fingers are going green!

Just casually been knitting my Fair Isle Band Sweater this week, when I noticed the tips of my fingers turning green. The yarn I'm using must not have been rinsed completely when it was dyed, and now I'm a little bit worried that my jumper will go all swampy coloured when I block it.

Any advice on how to fix the colour? The green is a bright emerald, and the bottom half of the sweater is a royal blue. I hope the colours won't ruin each other. The blue didn't come off on my hands when I was using it, so I'm hoping it's just the green!

Any tips on how to wash / block without ruining would be appreciated!

Also, I've booked flights to Knit August Nights! It'll be my first time going! So exciting!


  1. Hi Jo,
    What a poo!!!! The secret with natural dyed fabric is the type of fix that is used. A kind of rule of thumb is that salt is used on natural fibre that grows ie Cotton, Linen and an acid (white vinegar) on natural fibre from animals ie wool and silk.
    I would knit a sample square and test it in warm water with a good glug of white vinegar then sit it on a square of paper towel to dry. that way you will see if it is "fixed"
    If the answer is yes just add the vinegar when you block it. I would go a good cup per half bucket of water at least. You cant over do it.
    once it has set you can then rinse and add a little fabric softner to get rid of the salad smell. The vinegar smell will go awayy anyway.
    Best of luck.

    1. Oh thank you so much! I'll give that a try! Hopefully it all works out!


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