Four good crafty things this week

 Some pretty exciting stuff happened this week. 
First of all, our wedding got featured on Chic Vintage Brides blog! 

I never really thought our wedding was the kind that would be blog-worthy, considering it was done on a pretty minimal budget without all the fancy trimmings. Our lovely photographer, Haley Guildford, submitted the photos, and to our amazement, there's a whole blog post all about it! 

Secondly - yarn parcels!

I'm working on a little swatch project with Twisted Angle, and this yummy yarn arrived from Hong Kong for me to use! Looking forward to working on that very soon.

Thirdly - I've actually found some time to knit more of my Fairisle Band Sweater. 

I'm not up to the green yet, but I did most of this on the bus yesterday, so I have hope to be there by the end of the weekend!

And fourth - I had to order some 3.75mm Knitpro interchangeables for the sweater - and they arrived with these super cute stitch markers!

I'm not really a stitch marker person. I use safety pins or random scraps of yarn - once I used a hair tie - but I think now I'll get started on a collection.


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