Slouchy hats in action

Today I woke up to rain. Day three of autumn, and it finally delivers. I've always said I'm more of a winter gal than a summer one, and the last month or so has been so hot and dry in Auckland that lots of us - not just me - have been wanting a downpour. It didn't last long. A couple of hours this morning. 

It did freshen everything up a bit, but all the brown grass around the region and the tired vege gardens will need a lot more than that. It's back to being boiling now, but it was nice to think that winter might eventually get here and I can wear all these hats without melting.

Here is my honey mustard cabled hat. I designed her myself - totally surprised that it actually worked - with one chunky cable up the size. She's made in Rowan Big Wool and way too hot to wear right now.
She will get lots of use this winter.

And here's the first Rikke I've made for me. She is my favourite. I would wear her all the time if I could avoid my fringe sticking to my head with the heat. She is knitted in DyeforYarn's Black Damson Falling off the Twig DK Merino/Silk. It's the perfect shade of navy, and so soft. I had to order an emergency skein to finish knitting her and now I've got about 80g of the same colour left. 
Matching fingerless gloves maybe?

And here is Rikke number four. This one's for my pal Neil.
Bus knitting for the next two weeks me thinks.

I'm also putting together a baby blanket from a bunch of knitted squares I was given.

Almost done. I have until April. 


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