My Easter knitting challenge - 2013 edition

Last Easter I challenged myself to finish my Funchal Moebius. I failed. I set the bar too high, and was a bit disappointed with myself at the end of it. It did eventually get finished, but not for another couple of months. My failure last Easter has not put me off though. I have four whole days and can dedicate a lot of the time to crafting, so I'm going to finish my Camilla Sweater.

I've already done the body, finished one sleeve and I'm half-way through the second. Then I've just got to join them up and knit the yoke. If I can do the sleeve today, I think I've got a good chance of finishing.

And my reward for finishing - reading the new issue of Extra Curricular and deciding what to make with my new Soft Like Kittens Unicorn Sock in Prototype #68.

Wishing you all a happy and crafty Easter!


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