Happy Easter - the challenge continues

Happy Easter everyone! 

The husband and his football team decided today was ideal for a casual game against some friends, so I did the supportive wife thing and went along. I missed my husband's goal. I was busy with my Easter Challenge!

She's coming along nicely, but I am a bit worried about the amount of decreases I've done for the yoke. - I think I've got the row repeats a bit wrong with some less than clear instructions.

Here they are:
Begin Yoke shaping
Next rnd: dec rnd *K1, k2tog, work to 2 sts before m, ssk, slide m; rep from * 3 times—8 sts dec’d.

Rep dec rnd every 4th rnd 3 (3, 3, 3, 3, 2) times, then EOR 9 (10, 12, 13, 15, 18) times, changing to shorter circ needle when necessary.

My confusion is here - should I have done the decrease round four times in total? Or just three?

It says Next round - decrease..... 
Repeat this round every fourth round three times. 
Does that mean three MORE times? So a total of four? Or Just three? Just me who's confused?

I've done it four times. Worst case scenario is I'm eight stitches short at the end, and my head might not fit into my jumper. Then I'll have to unpick a couple of rows and undo the last decrease row, and just knit it up evenly. But that will be a tad frustrating. I'm hoping for the best!

I am on schedule to finish this challenge though, so that's really good!


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