Woollypoles, yarn shops and running out of yarn

With any summer public holiday, I like to try and get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine. A few of us headed out to Devonport, where I got to finally see Knitty Graffity's Woollypoles!

Here's one of them - there are heaps throughout the village centre.

Picture by Knitty Graffity

It's an extremely cool outdoor installation that's been in place since November's Devonport Arts Festival, and by the looks of it most have survived the summer. 

The pieces were made by people all over the world and Knitty Graffity, a Devonport local who is known for her yarn bombing, put it all together. 

Devonport is also home to Wild and Woolly Yarns, and I nearly had a panic attack when I arrived and its usual home had been taken over by a clothing store. Luckily we found it in an arcade a bit further down the road, it's new home and location for the past six months. not sure what rock I'd been under, but I'm relieved I can still get Rowan Yarn somewhere.

I got two skeins of Big Wool. I plan on making a really fat hat.

I'm going to make it while I wait for an emergency hank of my Black Damson by Dyeforyarn to arrive. Although my Rikke pattern says I need 225 yards of a DK weight yarn and my yarn tag says I have 232 yards, I'm not even half way through and I've already used at least 50 grams of my 100 gram skein.   Maybe my gauge was off a tiny bit? It still fits nicely though.

I know they dyed a few in this colourway, so I'm hoping my emergency skein is from the same dye lot. At least it's a very dark colour though - hopefully any variances will be minimal. 
Lesson learnt though - always buy more yarn!


  1. They are looking so cute. A great idea to use wool on poles.
    more info

    1. They are all really cute - I also really liked one that was covered in red lady bugs!

  2. I liked that too. But only bees are looking clearly, I can say that they are beautiful :).


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