Wedding crafts and cake practise

Craft Sundays have officially started around my friends, which is crazy because none of my friends are particularly crafty. We are making flowers for my best friend's wedding - his fiancee wants the bouquets to be made of paper and origami flowers, so we spend the morning making some.

My favourites are these little paper ones - we used this amazing tutorial found on Pinterest.

I spent most of my time sticking my fingers together with the hot glue gun, but eventually the little petals became flowers.

And here's the first test of the wedding cake. I used this recipe from Completely Delicious.

My icing seriously needs work. I kind of slapped it on this morning in a rush to get out the door, but the taste was very well received by Craft Sundays!
I've seen a Craftsy class that I can enroll in to get the whole butter-cream icing thing down, so I'll have a look into that and see how it goes. Someone's wedding is a great excuse to learn more crafty and baking tricks. And buy new baking equipment. 


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