Someone asked me to bake a wedding cake. Pressure much?

I'm not a bad baker. Generally I get positive feedback from any creations. I'm really good at cookies, and my chocolate cakes are always eaten. 
But I must admit that I don't rate my skills highly enough to be able to make a cake for a big occasion - like my best friend's wedding.
 Luckily I'm not being asked to make a three-tier wonder. The couple have asked four of their friends who are more baking-inclined to contribute one cake each for the occasion - an idea that I think is extremely cool and a great way to get close friends more involved in the special day. 
But even though there are three other cakes for guests to eat if mine is a disaster, I still need this to be the best cake I've ever made. 
I'm going to have to learn how to ice properly. No more butter knives for me. I might even have to get a piping bag. All that will be fine, but I'm more intimidated about the flavour I have to work with. 
Yep, I said it. 
I haven't really made lemon cake before. I've made a couple of lemon loaves, and they tasted great but looked much more afternoon tea than wedding reception. So I'm searching for a recipe. I like the look of this fancy one from Completely Delicious.

I've got just under three months to figure this out. 
So I'm going to be baking every weekend. 
Any recipe suggestions are welcome!


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