New knitting mags, tea cups, meeting famous people

I am having the coolest weekend. Last night Husband and I went out to celebrate our two-month-married anniversary. He remembered, I didn't. We met up in town after work and found ourselves wandering towards the new Odyssey Sensory Maze that's just opened in the Metro complex. Holy moly it was cool! Rooms of mirrors with tiny lights everywhere so you feel like you're wandering through stars, then you bounce your way through a room of yoga balls climb through tangled wires in dark rooms. Apparently they are also getting scents put in to test all your senses. 

Following this, we got dinner. Velvet Burger was the only way to go, but for the second time in a week (yes, I gave in twice) I ate meat. On Thursday I lost all self control and ate a Big Mac. I don't know what happened. Something just came over me. I give up trying to explain it. 
But last night, I had the Sustainable Burger. It had a venison patty, and $1 of the price will be donated to Sustainable Coastlines. See me justifying this? It was delicious! 

Next up was the highlight of the evening - we got tickets to see Alan Davies' comedy tour for Christmas. I am a huge fan of Jonathan Creek and QI, so I was extremely excited to see the crime-solving magician in real life! He was hilarious - I'm so glad we got to go.
And he did a book signing!

The only thing I can compare my excitement to is that of a 13 year old girl wanting to glimpse Justin Bieber. But less crazy.

When I got home I arrived to find a lovely parcel from Tash at Holland Road Yarn Company. Inside we the two most recent issues of Pom Pom Magazine. I read about this new London mag somewhere online, and I just knew I had to get it. 

It is one of the best knitting magazines I've read in ages. The patterns are stunning, featuring work by a range of cool designers. That cable jumper on the cover? Yeah I need to make it. This mag has a special something about it that just instantly appeals to me. The photography is beautiful and the designs are all thing I would seriously consider wearing - not just knitting. I can't wait for the next issue. It's a shame that issue one has sold out - I can get the digital copy but there is something about keeping hard copies of favourite magazines!

And yet again, I've found more teacups at a friend's garage sale. 
I have four - the blue is a great colour, but I think I'm going to keep an eye out for a cool set of saucers to jazz them up a little.
That's it. No more teacups. I have no more space.

Hope you're all having great weekend and enjoying the sunshine if you're in Auckland - only problem is it's too hot for knitting!


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