Another hat

I've just finished my fourth hat of the year, in chunky Rowan Big Wool and a pattern of my own making.
I think it's come out okay - super slouchy like I wanted and really warm! A bit too warm for the current weather, but will be great in a few months when it starts getting cold!

I love mustard yellow right now, and I'm really pleased with how the cable came out.

Biggest challenges with this hat - the decreases, and making sure they didn't interfere with the cable until the end. My slightly bad planning meant I couldn't do my intended eight segments of decreasing at the top of the hat. If I did this, the first round would've meant a decrease right in the middle of the cable, and that would've been bad. 
I changed it to six segments, and it worked really well - only thing was I did an extra row before my last cable twist, making the pattern slightly off at the top.
Never mind though, I'll keep it there as a reminder to concentrate next time I cable a hat!
Now she just needs a good blocking - I've heard it's good to tumble dry Big Wool a little bit to make it just the right size - any tips?


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