Anna Wilkinson + the gift of knitting

Anna Wilkinson is the new cool in knitting. I've seen her patterns featured in Mollie Makes and Pom Pom, and I couldn't help myself today when I saw a copy of her book, Learn to knit, love to knit, in one of the city bookshops.

Her patterns are gorgeous.
I love the Fair Isle Band Sweater and her Simple Round Neck Sweater - I think I'll start with those. Or maybe her Moira sweater in Pom Pom. Love me some cables.

And you see those lovely knit samples? One of Husband's work colleagues, who blogs about her amazing drawing here, gave them to me!

She made them a few years ago but then started quilting, so they have been sitting quietly tucked away.
They were originally intended for a granny square blanket, but I don't think I'll be able to find the same dye lots to finish it, so I'm planning some cushion covers instead! 
They are beautifully made - in Rowan Aran no less - and I can't wait to make them up to go on the couch.


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