Vintage tea pots, Rikke and Almost Vegetarian week four.

This week has been crazy busy. I was hoping this year to be able to blog more than once a week quite regularly, but that hasn't quite worked out. Maybe it's because I've actually been knitting...

Some of you might remember last year when I mentioned my continual quest to find vintage plates for the wedding. I've given most of them away or back to charity shops, but I've kept one set. It's a mix of Myott and Churchill Finlandia, and I love them! I was lucky to find a set of four dinner plates, side plates, saucers and cups for $25, and I love the blue pattern. In my hunt I managed to find a few more, and have now acquired matching bowls and this amazing teapot.

I ordered the teapot last November, hoping she would arrive in time for the wedding, but she only arrived today! I thought she was lost forever, but now she's completing the set. I've spotted some egg cups and a sugar bowl too. Those are next on my list!

I've also set myself another crazy deadline - another Rikke hat to be finished by Sunday. A good friend of mine is going to live in China for six months or so, and it'll be cold! So I'm knitting like a ninja to get it done before she heads off this week. A long way to go yet - I don't see myself doing too much else this weekend!

I haven't done an update on my Almost Vegetarian Year for a while - so far I'm going pretty good. Although I did eat chicken last week - I ordered a yaki soba from a new Japanese restaurant and little did I realise, there was chicken in it - not just the usual seafood.
I ate it though - not wasting $15 worth of food - and oh my goodness, it was amazing. 
If there's one thing I miss most, it's chicken. Followed by bacon. Followed by Big Macs.

I did have a yummy dinner last night though - pea and feta fritters.

So delicious! 
I think next time I will cook extra peas, puree them and blend them into the batter.
I also need to make sure I'm eating lots of vege with all the nutrients I need - I guess it's just as easy to develop lazy habits when you're vegetarian too!


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