Vintage find of the week

So the shelf is a very good contender for this one, but I think my new coffee pot wins. 
From my google research I believe it's a Crown Lynn and I'm going to use it as a water jug because I can't drink that much coffee - it holds about a litre. 

It cost $5 from a Salvation Army shop and has the markings "New Zealand" and "1084" on the bottom. Sadly though, the lid handle has a chunk knocked out of it.

Someone's tried to fix it up by colouring it in with a permanent marker, but it wasn't very successful.

I'm thinking of trying to fix it myself. I have a couple of ideas, but I'm not sure yet if they'll actually work or not. I'll also keep an eye out for a random lid - doesn't have to be the same colour, as long as it fits!

Also got a couple of metres of fabric - not second hand though. I have dreams of this becoming a skirt very soon.


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