Up-cycled furniture and other crafty endeavours

We've finally done it. After several years of me wanting to fix up a piece of furniture because it's more economical, better for the planet, fun, and crafty, me and husband sanded and stained a second-hand shelf yesterday. Might not sound like much, but between us we don't have many DIY bones in our bodies, so this is a massive achievement.

Awesome Husband - who seems to have a knack for finding awesome vintage stuff - found her for $40 hiding at the back of Junk and Disorderly. I should've taken a photo of her before the DIY began, but she wasn't at her best. There were stains, the surface was uneven and her colour can't even be described.
We got sanding, staining, sanding and staining again, and we are so happy with the result. 
Sure, there are a couple of points where the stain ran and left a drip line, but we will learn for next time.
Now our shelf is sitting in the living room serving several very important roles.

1: displaying my Tili Jar. Also purchased at Junk and Disorderly. 

2: More space for cookbooks and action figures
3: Probably the most important - it stops people sitting on the back of our couch!

And on the knitting front, I've just cast on my Camilla Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge.
I'm using Cascade Eco wool in Ecru and I'm really happy with how it's coming out.

I plan on getting another pattern repeat done today, and maybe get to the sleeves before my summer break ends. 


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