My knitting resolutions - 2013 edition

This year I plan on:

  • Knitting more hats. Hats are something I don't do much of, so this is an area I really want to improve on. I love wearing hats, especially berets and slouchy beanies, so if you can recommend any cool patterns, I'd love to hear about them.
  • Knitting more for others. I've just finished reading Knitting for Good by Betsy Greer, and her writing just reaffirmed everything I think knitting can be. I've always been interested in social causes, one of the reasons I became a journalist, but sometimes I've felt like I don't know the best way to help or get involved, aside from donating money. I know that money can go a long way for charities and NGOs, but I also want to help in a more personal way. I've knitted a couple of things for charities before, including a jumper for a penguin and a hat for a cancer patient, but I know there is much more that I can do. Even a small thing like knitting can change the world, and I'm looking for the right cause locally and internationally to regularly knit for. 
  • Writing a few patterns. These will be incredibly simple, because my brain hasn't figured out the math for anything complicated. And they'll be one-size accessories - I definitely don't have the math for multiple-size garments!
  • Continuing to write for crafty magazines. Sadly since Entangled has finished up, I have a bit of spare time on my hands, so I'm going to find another crafty mag to contribute to, if they'll have me!
  • Learn some new fancy technique. I've never steeked anything before, so maybe this year, I'll try cutting my knitting. Which seems crazy. I'll probably need someone to hold my hand. If not, I need to have another go at lace knitting. And complicated cables. And short rows. I'll find the right pattern and go from there!
Do you have any crafty resolutions this year?


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