My almost-vegetarian year - Week One

I've survived the first week of my almost-vegetarian year with minimal cravings and plenty of vegetables. The fish intake has been high, but then so has the pizza intake. It can be just as easy to eat junk food even if you're cutting out most meats!
I had my last Big Mac on 31 December and started off the new year with a muesli and fresh fruit breakfast. 
Over the past week I've been pouring over cook books and slowly stocking the pantry with different ingredients. I spent almost half an hour in front of the bulk foods section at the supermarket picking out grains and seeds, and I hope to experiment more over the next week with recipes and ingredients I haven't cooked with before. I need to make sure I'm eating enough fibre and protein, so I'm trying to eat lots of wholegrains and chickpeas. 
So far my favourite meal has been a cauliflower and eggplant satay stirfry with Singapore noodles, and this week I'm really looking forward to making Israeli couscous salads. 


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