Hexipuffs - my new addiction and challenge

I've done it. I've joined nearly 5000 Ravelers in casting-on scraps of sock yarn to make Tiny Owl Knits' amazing Beekeeper's Quilt. 

I've admired this quilt for ages, thinking it was such a great way to use up yarn and even though the entire project would take ages, each little hexipuff wouldn't take too long. 
I started last Sunday, and I've knitted five so far - pretty much one a day between work and other projects.

I'm not the only one obsessing about this quilt. Alana at Never Not Knitting has recently podcasted and blogged about her Beekeeper's Quilt and her obsession with knitting these squishy little things.

There's a whole community making them. There's a giant Hexipuffalong on Ravelry and members are busy swapping mini-skeins of yarn that are just the right size for these tiny knits.
Others are giving advice on how to use different weight yarn and recommending charts and cable patterns to get creative with each hexipuff.

It's a great way to practice a new stitch or skill because each hexipuff is so small - I'm thinking of trying out some duplicate stitch on some of my plain ones.

I can see this project taking a very long time, but being very rewarding at the end of it. The pattern recommends about 400 hexipuffs for a quilt, but really you can use as many as you'd like. This is a really good excuse for me to knit some more socks too.


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