Happy 2013!

We celebrated the new year on our flatmate's family farm in the Waikato and it was one of the best new year's eves I've ever had. There were cows, quad bikes, a pony, a tent, a bonfire and marshmallows, fireworks, heaps of food and an opportunity to wear hand knitted jumpers, hats, socks and gloves all at once.

The Christmas Hood got it's first test run - and I'm happy to report that it was a success.

I also tested out my knobbly hat that I finished last week. So warm, even if it does look like something one of the Seven Dwarves would wear. That's me, second from the right, also in my Qunice and Co Fiona jumper and my Olive and Emma fingerless gloves.

We watched the moon rise as midnight arrived, and ate too many marshmallows.

I made up for it at breakfast with muesli and yoghurt, and a strong coffee - my first meal as an almost vegetarian.

And I did some knitting - here's the Rikke hat, started a couple of days ago, that I just finished. I'm giving it to my flatmate to say thanks for an awesome new year.

Here's hoping the cat doesn't sit on it before it finishes drying!


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