Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Couture - a must read!

Pic Credit - DIY Corture: source

So yesterday I did the bad thing I always do when walking to my car from work. I stopped in at The Booklover and wandered over to the craft section, and I found this:
I think this will really help with my quest to learn to sew. No patterns, instead it uses simple shapes to make ten different garments, and then tells you how to make each one in eight different ways.
It teaches you how to use your own favorite fitting jumper as a pattern template, and even sew trousers from tracing around jeans. It's amazing! 
There is also a great website with more ideas for inspiration.
I really want to make the hoodie, in a light denim with buttons. Maybe a job for the upcoming long weekend?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All lunches should come with bobble hats

This is officially the cutest lunch I've ever had. Eggs and soldiers, plus knitted hats to keep the eggs warm. 
Knitwear should be a component of every meal. 
If you're in Takapuna around lunch time (or breakfast even) go to Mimosa and enjoy a hand-knitted touch with your meal!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

On almost finishing, and a magical find

Funchal is now as long as my legs. Only two repeats to go, hopefully it will be all knitted by next weekend when I can spend several hours grafting the ends together. If that doesn't make me memorize the  Kitchener Stitch, nothing will.

The baby hat has also been a struggle. I've started it three times, but this time I've decided to make it a bit smaller. I will not drop any more stitches. And it will be knitted before the bubba is too big for it!

It's been a good weekend full of finds and experimentation. 
Here is my new terrarium. I'm determined to keep this one alive.

And I baked some bread - attempt number three, but third time's a charm.

And (apart from catching up with my awesome friends this weekend, which is always great) this is the highlight of my weekend.
I found The Cup of Knowledge.
It's a real thing. 
Only to be used for special tea on special occasions when I need some wisdom.
Which might make me use it more often than a special occasion...

I found it in a hospice shop for $30 - not what I'd usually pay for one cup, but this one promises so much.
Hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend too!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Entangled Issue 6 - out now!

Entangled's latest issue is now on the Zinio shop shelf. This time round I got to interview the awesome Helene from Happy Go Knitty and I even took the photos myself!
Make sure you go and have a look, and while you're there find out more about the magazine's fundraising drive - there's only seven more days to go!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Crafternoon Tea + Craftsy class + sewing = good weekend

I hadn't been to the Crafternoon Tea Market in Kingsland for an extremely long time - I was starting to feel guilty about it. I went along yesterday and did exactly what I wasn't supposed to do - purchase more yarn from Helene at Happy Go Knitty. I also got this very cute and inspirational card from Les Petits Mots, which will be pinned up at my new desk at work.

The yarn is a really amazing lace-weight 50/50 merino silk blend. And I have great plans for it.
Earlier this week I was lucky enough to be offered a Craftsy class at a very significant discount. I've always wanted to enroll in one, but found the price to be a bit much sometimes, so I jumped at the opportunity to sign up to Laura Nelkin's Mastering Lace Shawls class.
I find lace knitting very intimidating - some of you may remember when I started my Frilly Frill scarf and had to undo it many times over and it's still not finished. But I have hope with this course. And how can you go wrong when one of the patterns is called Skywalker?

In other news, a good friend of mine has just had a baby boy, delivered in the middle of a thunder storm before the midwife arrived. We didn't know whether the baby was going to be a boy or girl, so I opted for bright orange to make a little hat. It's actually a bit big, but I'm hoping it will mean it will be used for a long time!

And my weekend wouldn't be complete without a bit of sewing - Mum and I have successfully taken in an amazing polka dotted navy blue dress - photos when I wear it in decent light! For the rest of the evening I'm baking - second attempt at some oat bread, hopefully this time the dough will rise...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finished socks! No jokes!

And these ones pretty much fit!
Totally made my day, after getting totally drenched at the bus stop, having the fiancĂ© rescue me and then driving to work and being stuck in traffic for almost an hour. 
A little bit of sunshine for my day - now time to find a baby hat pattern for the bus ride tomorrow. It has began - friends are having babies, and babies need hats!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Avoiding my knitting

You may have noticed the lack of updates about my current knitting projects. That's mainly because I'm avoiding them, and I have nothing new to tell. My Funchal Moebius is three pattern repeats away from completion, but every time I sit down to work on it, nothing seems to happen. It just doesn't grow. 

Very impressively though, I haven't had to join in any new balls of yarn. I estimated that I'd need four for this project, but I've still got a decent chunk left on the first two. So now I'm likely to have a hand-dyed ball of blue merino left, and I'll have to find something to do with it.

Then there's my Sunshine Socks. The first one is finished, and now I'm knitting the toe of the second one. But even with my valuable bus knitting time, this one is taking ages! I knitted the first one in a week. Sock number two has taken three weeks. How does this happen?

In other news - it's Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day, Mum!
Hope you like the cake stand - your cakes are too amazing to not be on display!

And while I've been avoiding my knitting, I've been doing lots of reading - mainly here:

Lots of amazing craft and vintage ideas here - particularly loving the air plant chandelier tutorial on The Zen of Making. I'm not great at keeping plants alive, but these I think I could manage!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's help Entangled!

First of all, I am going to state some bias for this request - I write for Entangled on a regular basis, and I quite enjoy doing so, but that't not the main reason I'm posting about it today.
Honestly, I think it's one of the best fibrecraft magazines out there. The design is great, the stories are detailed enough without being too full of jargon to be inaccessible to the casual reader, and the photos are stunning. But now Entangled needs your help to support it on its journey to greatness.
The team behind the magazine is hoping to raise $25,000 over the next month to keep creating opportunities for those in the fibrecraft industry. 
We want to take Entangled to the fibre masses, and a small donation from you can help us do that. 
Please visit Entangled's indiegogo fundraiser, have a look at the amazing perks you can receive for your contribution, and maybe make a small donation.
Best of luck Entangled - you have a lot to offer us crafters, lets hope we can all chip in to help!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Knitted sneakers!

Amazing knitting hi-tops by Kadinela on Etsy

I've seen some extremely cool knitted stuff in my search on Etsy, but these knitted hi-top sneakers by Kadinela are awesome. I think I might request some in blue. 
I have lots of shoes but I'm sure I can make an exception to add some knitted ones to my collections!