Thursday, February 23, 2012

My first pattern is published!

Thanks to the amazing Genny at Entangled Magazine, my first knitting pattern has been published!
Basically it's how to make a knitted purse out of video tape! 

The rest of the magazine is great - make sure you check it out!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A bit of promotion

Mike Glasswell, the awesome illustrator who did the banner for my blog has just launched his new website. As a big thanks for my illustration, I just wanted to show you all the link just in case any of you need some drawing done. Or animation even. He can do that too! Check out his work here.

Reading list

I'm notorious for buying books. It's a habit that I'm really trying to get out of. As soon as the Kindle Fire starts shipping here, I'm going to get one and slowly make the transition to e-books. 
That won't stop me buying a really nice book on occasion, but I've bought so many extra shelves to house the collection and I just don't have the space anymore. 
And also, it's a lot of trees, they are heavy to move house with and most of them end up gathering dust because I don't always re-read. Some of them I haven't even opened.

But before going down the e-reader route, I'm being good and making use of the wonderful resources at Auckland Libraries.
Ever since our eight local authorities combined into one council just over a year ago, all of the libraries across the Auckland region are now shared, so books that were once North Shore City books can now be borrowed and returned in other areas around the city.
The choice is much bigger, and borrowing and returning books is so much easier! I used to live in one authority area and live in another, which meant I could only really go to the library to borrow books on the weekend, but now I can go to any library that's close. And it's awesome.

So for this week's inspiration, I've borrowed two books, Luxe knits: the accessories by Laura Zukaite and Sock knitting master class by Ann Budd.
I'm very keen to try the Smocking Clutch pattern - but no new projects until Funchal is finished!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The state of knitting in 1961, and more stash yarn

I laughed so much when I read this "From the archives" article about teenage knitting on The Guardian.

Living in a world where two-thirds of teenagers are knitters would be amazing (as long as they don't take out their teenage-hormonal moodiness out on people by wielding knitting needles) but the fact that the writer notes concern about the decrease in the numbers of over-60s knitters:

"Such splendid news about teenagers is most reassuring; although we must take into account that the increase of non-knitting over-sixties will cause a rise in the numbers of problem grandmothers."

And I especially love this comment:

"The urge to knit is surely the most moral force in the world. Knitting is industrious, economical, virtuous, therapeutic, mildly creative and above all tranquillising."

This is making me justify the growth of my stash - it is completely moral to take up even more of the shared storage space - virtuous even!

I've now added 12 skeins of Prism DK in Paint Blue to the collection, and six skeins of Skeinz Laceweight Kid Mohair Blend in Sky.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with it all. I plan on knitting a Quince & Co pattern with my green Prism DK - most likely the Sumac Shrug. No plans yet for the red and the blue.... or all the other yarn that's waiting in a giant box.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wish List 13/02/2012

When I get bored, I trawl Etsy, And I'm favouriting all of these:

Once I grow my hair out, I'd love to try wearing one of
these knitted headbands by ArrowsDesign

Look at this amazing mustard yellow
cabled set by RGideas

Love this lace jacket by Yael Scharaby

And look at this beautiful handspun yarn by SheepingBeauty. I can see the
colours making an amazing pair of socks.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Craftsy classes

I've just discovered, a video tutoring site for a range of crafts and hobbies. 

There are heaps of knitting ones I want to try, but I thought for my first class I should try the site's free offering, Dipped, Dusted and Rolled: Handmade chocolates with Gayle Hart.
I'm loving the format - the tutors talk you through all the steps as well as supplying pdf resources - recipes, technique lists and more information. 
You can make notes on the lessons as you go, and you can ask your tutor questions and interact with other class members. Once you enroll, you can view the classes as many times as you like - there's no set time to view the courses, and they don't expire. 
If this one goes well, I might enroll in some of their knitting classes - the sock knitting ones look mighty tempting!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I said I was saving...

But then I went to the Devonport Craft Market and met Helene from Happy Go Knitty. And I bought some of her super yummy self-striping BFL wool sock yarn.

It looks like once I get the right size needles, my New Year's Resolution of learning to knit socks will go very well. My resolution to save for the wedding though... not so good...

My Funchal Moebius is starting to look awesome though! I'm really happy with how it's going.